May 27, 2008

Once again, I have been horrible

So, I am sorry again for being gone for so long.  I had a laptop through my school and I had to give it up on our last day.  It was a very sad day and have been in withdraw since that day.  No computer equals no blogging, no blog checking, no Facebook stalking, and no email.  It really has been a tough week.  But, on the bright side, after we got back from my grammy's house for Memorial Day, my mom and dad went to the school and brought both laptops home.  So if anyone is reading this, you are probably now asking yourself if we didn't get home until four a.m. or what?  No, the answer is I was extremely busy yesterday writing thank you notes for graduation gifts, but I did get them all done.  Also, due to my illness, I am now having an extreme case of insomnia.  So, I am sorry that I have once again been absent and I am trying to get a following because I love reading everyone else's blogs and I hope one day someone thinks of me the way I admire all those bloggers in cyberspace.  But at least I got around to it.  Thanks for reading.  

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