July 9, 2008

A wonderful cause

So, I don't usually plug contests and raffles and other related drawings.  However, I do make exceptions for a good cause.  This woman has a wonderfully inspiring story and all the donations go to a great cause.  It is sad that this raffle had to spur from a near-tragedy, but it is best that it was a near-tragedy and not a fatal-tragedy.  Anyhoo, go check out her blog, read about her amazing story, and put yourself in her position and see how generous it is for her to share her story with us and give us such a wonderful chance to help her.  

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Happyplace. said...

Hi, I found your blog through Earthchicknits, and am busy looking through your knitting! I love to find new blogs, and read, well, way too many! But I love to see what others are knitting. (Thank goodness for Google reader!)